Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

In VIOSER we care for every detail of IV solution business:

From the very first idea of a custom product until providing our client with any product. This care is a result of our expertise, a guarantee of quality. As mentioned before, VIOSER is highly active in international business in Europe and Asia. Expanding our business through contract manufacturing continues to be one of the cornerstones of our strategy. This is the reason why VIOSER invests so heavily on its manufacturing facilities.

IV solutions product range is vast and differs from country to country. A reliable IV solutions producer must correspond to any individual market demands. VIOSER possesses the know-how and the flexibility to produce any type of IV solution, suitable to your specific market needs.

IV solutions require convenient, flexible, easy-to-use plastic containers. Our latest achievement, the twin port closure oval-shaped PE container will be your first preference, thanks to its advantages of easy storing and convenience. Our experience in producing IV solutions combined with the use of the most modern technology is a strong guarantee. Relying on Vioser’s expertise, you are assured that you supply your country’s market with the highest quality available products.

VIOSER, a reliable partner for any client involved in IV solutions businesses, gives you the confidence that you provide your market with the best available products.

Certifications: DY8/1348/2004, EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 9001