PE Containers

PE Containers

Twin port closure system for infusion and additions.

Specially designed twist-off cap for easy opening and high fluid flow.

Adequate free space for drug addition.

Containers manufactured with the Blow-Fill-Seal technology (Bottlepack® system).


  • Twin port closure system for infusion and additions
  • Non fragile
  • Easy to store
  • Cost-effective
  • Long shelf life
  • No need for overwrapping
  • Sterile, pyrogen free, large volume infusion solutions
  • Production in compliance with GMP standards
  • Bottle manufacturing and filling procedures performed through the bottlepack system
  • Neutral plastic container (ΡΕ)
  • Transparent container permits visual control of infusion fluid
  • Color coded labels
  • Special label space for patient name and drugs administration
  • Free space for drug addition
  • Easy and secure spiking and connection with administration set
  • Νο residual volume left in bottle
  • Suspension system in the bottom end of the bottle
  • Volume range from 100ml to 1000ml

Certifications: DY8/1348/2004, EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 9001